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Previously, when I logged on as invisible, and selected "Remember Me" (or something to that effect), my name did not appear in the list of users browsing the forum. This is behaviour as expected. However, when I close the browser, and return to MSFN the next day, my username and password are remembered (also expected behaviouur), but my "log on as invisible" selection is NOT remembered. This is NOT behaviour as expected, and previously worked fine. I did not notice exactly when this problem first surfaced, but it is rececnt, perhaps with the transfer of MSFN to the new server.

A bug, or a new, undocumented "feature"?


A second "new feature". There used to be an option for not adding the line "This post modified ... " when editing an existing post. This no longer seems to be the case. I often do not include that message, as my edits are mostly to correct typos. Is that also a "thing of the past"?

Thanks again, xper!

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I don't have any problems with this feature but I do think it would be nice to have the option listed in our "control panel."

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