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Choose custom installed component during installation


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it works.

I think the main thing to realise is that this is the only app you need to integrate. Of course you still need to determine whether a cab file is an app or an update.

then you should copy the apps (need to extract it from the cab) to the SVCPACK directory and add the necessary command line to the launcher.ini that is in the SVCPACK directory.

So in reality when you know the silent commands (should be in the ini file in the cab, if you got the app from a cab) for an app you just need to add it to the launcher.ini, no need to make a cab.

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Actually, there is 3 ways to use my launcher :

1) Edit the cab to set the launcher.ini with all apps you want. Edit each app cabs ton delete the [addprogram] section.

In nLite you integrate the cab of the launcher and all the apps cab you want.

2) Edit the cab to set the launcher.ini with all apps you want (like in 1). Add directly in the SVCPACK folder of the cab all apps you want.

In nLite, you just integrate the big cab of the launcher which contain all apps.

3) Integrate directly the launcher.cab in nLite. Do not integrate the apps you want. Do not generate ISO file.

Go to the SVCPACK folder, set the launcher.ini with all apps you want and add directly the apps in the folder.

Go back to nLite and generate ISO file.

I can create an "integrator" to help users in the way 2, but i think it is better that Nuhi create a routine to help user in way 1 (by generate launcher.ini and update all entry_apps.ini, or at least update entry_apps.ini defined in the launcher.ini)

If someone want to translate the launcher in other language, just send me the translated langu.ini :)

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Well it worked, sort of...... the window with the check boxes came up but there was no

nothing inside, except for the check boxes, I checked them and everything installed fine....

Be nice to see what was being checked..........


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Have you write some description in the launcher.ini ?

you need to write launcher.ini with this style :


Description come after 3 ;

(the screenshot on this forum show launcher.ini with only 2 ;. It was abuilt version, i have removed it to not confuse you)

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