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Problem with Multiplayer


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i have an ADSl connection with a router provided by the service provider (DLink 502T).

The problem is i cant play multiplayer games with my frnds.I cant accpet any incoming connections it seems or in other words i cant create a server.I've tried doing so in Quake 3.

I can connect to other servers but sometimes it shows "there is no reponse from the master server"

Any suggestions.Am i doing something wrong...?


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Will do is probably the correct wording in my case. My PC and all my stuff is in North York, Ontario where my fiancee and I share an apartment. I'm currently working in Ottawa and I commute everyother weekend ... that is until I'm transferred to Markham, which is very close to North York.

I am a licensed pilot and I use Flight Simulator 9 for IFR training. I also use it as much as I can with VATCAN and Squawkbox v3.4. Until I got the D-Link DVG1120M router for our voice over IP I had no problems with directplay. However the router arrived and I could connect once... but never again until I reset it.

This router's onboard setup is different then I'm used to and there wasn't a mention of any firewall settings. I was just reading up on the NAT Configuration menu when I saw your post.

I hope this solves the issue!



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Sadly I was not able to get the multiplayer working... after I reset the gateway I can get it to work once, but never again until I have to reset the gateway. It baffles me that it would work once and then not again though.

Here's the error I get in dxdiag.

DirectPlay test results: Failure at step 9 (Creating Session): HRESULT = 0x80158185 (error code)

The DVG1120 router is apparently much hated in the industry :) We got it for our voice over IP phone connection.

Any ideas guys?



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