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HFCLEANUP - Reduce your source


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All is fine with my 2k/ie6/dx9/hfexpert & heavy hfcleanup. Can't wait to install on a real box!
Do you use your IE reducers? If so, why do you install IE6 instead of using the IE5 hotfixes?
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I use the IE reducers, but I do not use the reducers that have more than the 3 Z's. This removes IE but leaves behind the IE6 HTML rendering dll's. With this setup, I can use all my software that requires IE6 and no applications complain. Another way to say it, there is no program files\internet explorer, but my system behaves as if IE was there. :thumbup

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That is cool, and I intend to try that, but I am still curious why you install IE6 and then reduce it instead of just patching IE5 and reducing in kind. Something about the IE6 DLLs turns you on? :)

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HAHAHA! Actually I prefer the context menus using the IE6 core, some applications don't work right (or at all) with the IE5 core and some pages don't render right with the IE5 core. On a plus note, it works great with Maxthon.

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That is all good info to have in this thread. I'm going to run with the IE5 core for now and see how things go. I'll try the 6 core if I hit significant roadblocks. Thanks for the tip!

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The application WebCraft (used to write HTML code for websites) needs HTML rendering from IE. I found that it needs MSHTML.DLL and only one line in regestry and it will work. It appears that this DLL is also needed for openning CHM files. But if I just add MSHTML.DLL into i386 folder on installation disk it writes quite a few lines in regestry and these entries are obsolete. Something is calling for this DLL during installation.

I combined 4 files and 4 entries for regestry into one package so that it installs as a separate application. My application works, I can open CHM files (some bugs are still happen with it) and obsolete entries are not added into the regestry.

Here is the installing INF file for this package with names of all needed files:



CopyFiles = HelpFiles

AddReg = Ext.Reg


HelpFiles = 16422,"help"







HKLM,"Software\Classes\PROTOCOLS\Name-Space Handler\mk\*",CLSID,0x00000,{9D148291-B9C8-11D0-A4CC-0000F80149F6}"




HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Classes\.chm",,,"Help file"


HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Classes\.chm\shell\Open\command",,,"%16422%\help\hh.exe ""%1"""

Later I also found that MSN Messanger needs WINHTTP.DLL just placed in its folder without registering in order to work.

One more application Xenu Link Sleath (checks website links) also needs something from IE core. I have not investigated it yet but it probably needs some regestry entries.

Edited by Oleg_II
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I recall seeing something about that file on FDV's site. Probably related to .chm.

Would it be better to use Oleg's studly method or to just not reduce those files in the first place?

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As I said some time leaving the file in the source causing a lot of entries in the regestry that are not needed.

But finding which file and regestry entry are only needed for your program to run is difficult and time consumming.

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For the record, Oleg_II's stuff is *awesome*! This fix works far better for me than I had imagined. Not only does it restore Help functionality, but it also enables Outlook 2003 to render HTML on a heavily HFCLEANUPped system. Bravo!

I was telling Tomcat76 how great this is and he made a silent installer for it. I think that many FDV/HFCLEANUP users will find it very handy.

Here is the download.

Thanks, guys!

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By the way :rolleyes: If you use IExpress.EXE that comes with Windows you can make an installer just using INF file (no need to use CMDOW.EXE and HTML.CMD). The resulting installer will be about 110KB smaller :whistle:

PS IExpress.EXE is located in System32. Very usefull utility sometimes. It can create Windows CAB and self-extacting CAB (EXE) from the files provided. I made the shortcut for it in my System Tools menu B)

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@Oleg -- By 'leaving in the source' you mean leaving it in the TXTSETUP file so that it would get installed?

So in other words, you recommend not installing MSHTML.DLL the traditional way, during a regular install, and installing it afterward, using your INF, right?

Just want to be sure I have this all correct before I put the info on my site.

Thank you very much for this bit of detective work Oleg! :thumbup

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