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HFCLEANUP - Reduce your source


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When I say hfcleanup and XP is buggy, I mean that sometimes you could get a BSOD during installation.

HFCLEANUP is buggy with Windows XP, but I didn't get a BSOD under VMWare Player.

Instead, I gotten at least some annoying problems:

1. Windows XP Setup thinks that even the drivers that came with Windows XP didn't pass the Windows Logo tests!

I literally get a prompt of if I want to install the driver or not for drivers that come with Windows XP!

2. Then a pre-Windows XP style file prompt box for probably mplayer2.exe or mplayer.exe.

3. Then later on, I get a post-Windows installation style error message pop up,

like when you type in the wrong file name in the "Run" box.

The following error message pops up:

Windows cannot find "mshta.exe" Make sure you typed the name correctly (or similar)

The file collection I used was at least roughly the equivalent of the Windows 2000 FDV fileset.

(Remove Internet Explorer, COM+, DTC, Remote Registry, Web Folders and etc.)


I was hoping that HFCLEANUP could make the commit change as low as Windows 2000 with Windows XP.

Why isn't the commit charge going lower. With the Nvidia video driver installed, it probably won't be lower than 60 MB. :(

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I've been monkeying around with HFCLEANUP a lot trying to find the sweet spot of reduction vs. Windows Domain (Active Directory) compatibility with Win2K Pro.

So far I can report that these reducers should NOT be used in order to join a domain:


However, I am having a problem with HFCLEANUP that may be skewing my results. On a recent run, I reduced DTC, DLTC, and COM+ but I saw them get installed during GUI setup. I also saw that they were running after I logged in.

I am not using many features for my test runs because my main goal was trimming source down with HFCLEANUP while keeping AD functionality. Log attached. Many thanks to Tomcat76 for helping me get this far!

I built my HFCLEANUP fileset by downloading the zips on FDV's site as of yesterday.

What am I doing wrong for HFCLEANUP to not reduce my source properly?


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That hfsliplog says it takes 3 minutes to run? I don't believe it. Dumb statement, but you need to select the merged driver option for the hfcleanup files to be parsed. Unless the hfslip log generation is whacked.. You may want to remove the cluster file to keep AD as well. I don't know for sure, I don't use AD.

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Oh yeah! :wacko: The readme states to use driver compression method A, B or C. A little birdie told me about how much faster HFSLIP runs go with the least compression and I was so impressed at the speed that it didn't occur to me that I was breaking HFCLEANUP. :whistle:

I'll change that option and try again when I get home. Thanks, tommyp!

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OK, it is working now. I had more problems at first even though I ran "mode C" but it turned out to be because I had a special tweak in my HFSLIP config that was interfering with HFCLEANUP.

Thanks for the help!

Back to work on my Active Directory project...

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Having much better luck now! :thumbup

It seems that Network_ActiveDirectory.rem may be the only requirement for joining an AD domain. My most recent run reduced cluster and network monitor/tools and AD seemed to be working just fine. I will test it some more to ensure GPO and other such things are working properly.

The other two things I am working on are WMI and Outlook 2003. Outlook is working fine except for HTML support but I may just leave that as it is. WMI is giving me really mixed results when I try different combinations of Performance monitoring, System monitoring, and WMI service. I'll post my results when I get the best solution.

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