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Which HDD is better?


Which Hard Drive is better?  

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  1. 1. Which HDD is better Maxtor, Western Digital or Seagate?

    • Maxtor
    • Western Digital
    • Seagate

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I have two SATA Maxtor 80GB disks and I'm very satisfied, but occasionally I'm hearing strange clicks from this disks, but disks report no errors. I read somewhere that this is normal behaviour for Maxtor disks..

When I hear strange clicks on disks I know that disk working time is near end.. :D

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I Also had to many problems with my old maxtor 160gb hard drive and I could not return it so I took it out of my computer and smash it on the floor into bunch of pieces, so then i bought a WD 250Gb SATA-150 Never had any problems with it.

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Can't really beat 2 x WD Raptors in RAID 0 can you ;)?

I don't think the speed of the drive is what makes it a good HD. I'm not picky about the speed. My 2.5 year old WD 120 GB recently died and I got a Seagate SATA 80GB NCQ 8MB 11MS from NCIX and it's very fast.

Also, it depends on whether or not you take care of your drive. If you never defragment or defrag once a year, your drive will bail on you in 3 years instead of 5, for example, I think. What makes a drive a good one, i think, is how durable and reliable it is. Hell, Seagate came up with NCQ. I voted for Seagate.

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The WD Raptor has speed combined with enterprise level quality and a 5 year warranty. I'm sorry, but the fastest SATA drive on the market combined with quality and 5 years? You can't beat that.

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I bought A WD SATA drive in June 2005. Since then I've had to replace it three times.

I'm currently using a Maxtor SATA 160gig., with NO problems.

Most of the tech's I rub elbows with recognize that WD's quality is just NOT there, and to preserve their own reputations, they just won't use WD drives.

WD has several different plants in different countries, most are in the far east.

The last RMA drive I got back from WD was made in Malaysia and was badly scratched like it had been kicked accross a cement floor. I won't even use it. Someone want a freebee? :no:


Andromeda43 :whistle:

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