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Reinstall all hardware/drivers without problems


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Here is a small registry trick i've discovered.

With it you can reinstall all hardware drivers without a problem (you do not have to click a lot of hardware install dialogs).

It can be very useful when you're deploying Win 98 image on different computers or installing your custom Windows version.

Attached zip file contains 2 reg files:

- reload.reg: makes 98 believe that it is installing itself first time.

- delhdw.reg: removes current hardware entries and configuration.

Warning: if you have WinME or 98SE2ME with sysdm.cpl from WinME, you'll have to reboot your computer 2 or more times due to stupid ME setup behavior. With sysdm.cpl from 98, your computer won't reboot!

I hope someone will find this files useful.


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