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[Help] Remote Assistance does not work


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If i try to accept a remote assistance invite on MSN the application doesnt start. I push the accept button, but nothing happens. If i check the logs i receive the follwing error:

Windows was unable to open the help ticket table (error code 0x80070005). Remote Assistance will be disabled. Restart the computer in safe mode and type the following text at the command prompt: sessmgr.exe -service. If the problem persists, contact Microsoft Product Support.

Off course i tried the suggested solution, but it didnt help. I have been doing some register tweaking lately, so i think it might be related to the problem.

Any ideas on how to solve this? On which services does Remote assistance depend? I couldnt find any usefull info on Technet..


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Have you done the following, as per these MS KB Articles?




You may have already seen these, but they've got most of the information you'd need to troubleshoot Remote Assistance.

The error code you're seeing (0x80070005) maps to an "Access Denied" error message, so it could be a configuration issue on one end or the other, but I'm not entirely sure which. Hopefully the above URL's will help, but if not, perhaps you could post specific data about who is offering the request, how they're offering it, etc.

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I'm sure it's a config problem on this PC, because I can use Remote Assistance on another PC (both PC's are behind the same router btw) with the same person. The other person is offering Remote Assistance, I'm the one who wants to help.

I've stumbled on those KB articles idd, but thx for searching :)

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