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[Release] Setting IP's just became easy

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I was so tired of having to type those same ip addresses over and over again I decided to write a script that would do it for me.


I created an unattended install pack so that it can easily be installed togheter with windows; just click the exe and it's installed.

it's packed in the attached zip file.

How it works:

It's using the WMI service and is written in vbs.

There is some comment in the code for those who want to know how and what it does.

Basically it loops each network adapter asking you ( msgbox) if you want to set the adress to the nic.

If you click yes it checks the connectivity of the nic and takes a random adress in the valid range.

It then pings to see wether or not there are already systems active with that random ip; if so it restarts the procedure until the ping reports no active systems with that ip.

If you click no it proceeds to the next adapter in your system.

Screenshots say more then a 1000words :




*Updated the program with optional Gateway & DNS settings.

It asks if you want to set Gateway & DNS options accordingly.






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Probably stupid question here...... Why would this be necessary?

Well, it's same as everything else...just think outside the box and I'm sure you will find use for it.

Lots more to computing than just hit that on/off button ;)

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This would not be too bad if it worked with mapping network IP printers. Currently, I use a VBS script to map IP Printers....

I guess the Tool would be useful if all of the systems that were being setup were Static IP's....

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Well I am used to being 'on the move' with my laptop.

I am having to use my laptop in various networks:

Networks with no DHCP server running, networks with running DHCP servers, all sort's of network ranges and then there are the networks with DHCP server but not working properly.

I think you can imagine the time I am saving with this tool in the above scenario's.

A couple of yes/no with my tool or the whole right click, apply procedure...easy choice for me.

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