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Codec Pack for Xp 64


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does anyone know where I can get a DivX or XviD codec for x64? :unsure: When I tried to use Virtualdub x64 to join an AVI, it complained about having no codec. :no: Me thinks what good is an x64 Virtualdub when it does not work properly. :blink:

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my 2 cents in this thread.

since there are pretty much little to no 64-bit builds of popular codecs or media players, x64 users are kind of stuck with using 32-bit builds(which should work in most cases).

also, if anyone here uses ffdshow, celtic_druid made a 64-bit version of ffdshow which should work(haven't tested it yet because i don't have a 64-bit OS). anyways, here's a link.


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