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Automaticly enters as Administrator


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I've created an unattended CD of Windows XP SP2 using Nlite RC3 and Bashrat's Driver packs.

When windows starts it automaticly signs in as the Administrator.

On a previously installed unattended CD I created, the user was determined upon what was entered at the "welcome to windows" screen.

Now it doesn't have any effect at all.

I'm sure it's an option I've checked on Nlite but I just can't find it.

Can anyone help ?



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I've been working on this for a week or so now on XP Home SP2. The problem I had was you can't logon as local admin in home with out being in safe mode. So as you can imagine this caused me alot of problems when the unattended install tried to logon at the end of the install.

Your problem is in Winnt.sif, remove this value:

AdminPassword = * (or any password you've set)

this is under [GuiUnattended].

If you read the info in ref.chm in Support/Tools/DEPLOY.CAB on your XP disc you will find that if you set this value to * the installer will try to logon once as local admin. If you set a password then it will always logon as local admin. In this case you need to set a AutoLogonCount = 1 under the same heading if you only wish to log on once.

As a bit of extra advice I've not set any admin name or computer name and I've also set my unattended mode to ReadOnly. This way the only stuff you have to set during install is the user info.

I would, however, imagine that you could get away with just removing the AdminPassword value and setting ReadOnly (if you set FullUnattended this all falls over) as the UnattendedMode and still filling in your user info.

Just as abit more info. If you then wish to get rid of all the "welcome to windows" rubbish and have all that stuff unattended as well, have a look at oobeinfo.ini. It works quite well and is less damaging than the OOBE removal included in nLite. I would go into this but I've probably given you more info than what you wanted anyway. If you do want to know more I'll keep an eye on this thread for afew days and I'll elaborate if needed.

Anyway, hope all this helps and good luck.

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What I do is keep the OOBE and just modify it to only keep the user creation using this method from xenogen.

And since there is a password on the administrator account but none on the users that were created, it logs in as the top user specified in the OOBE.

Works fine :)

(now if I could figure out how to modify that crappy blue background from the OOBE.. which file anyone?)

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In pro I found that it worked fine aswell, it's just in home I had trouble so I'm assuming that ocp1000 must be using home. What are you using RayOk? I used the same source you used as a ref aswell but added some tweaks of my own and instead of putting it in the OEM folders I cabbed it and added it to the i386 folder (works better).

Still can't get the auto update page to bog off though, using winnt.sif or oobeinfo.ini, any ideas?... apart from hacking the page apart that is.

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Do: Start>Run>Cmd

navigate to the i386 directory of your source.


expand nlite.in_ nlite.inf

notepad nlite.inf (Notepad will open)

Once notepad is open find the line that says something about Admin autologin, I can't remember what it is, but delete the entire line, and just that line... Then save it and exit...

Go back to the CMD window that should still be open and do:

makecab nlite.inf nlite.in_

And voila... Now whenever you install it should stop the auto login...

If you want to make the change for now simply do:

Start>Run>Control Userpasswords2

Select your username, uncheck the box at the top, hit ok, type in your password, if needed, then hit ok, ad fixed...

Edit: I learned that for some reason nLite will make it auto-logon for you, so I had to go in find the setting and go from there. I did NOT check the box during the setup, and it made the decision on its own, throughout my ten copies of XP.... Had to fix each one suing the method above, then it never auto logged on as admin again

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This is why NLite can be very dangerous. Don't get me wrong its a remarkable tool. I just think all people should make an unattended the long or manual way at least once ( You learn more ) then use NLite later.

Thats how I do it & now NLite saves me s*** loads of time to update my source. Then I simply inject that into my existing structure & way it all goes.

Sorry bit off topic.



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