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Which version of Windows sucks the most?


Which version of Windows sucks the most?  

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  1. 1. Which version of Windows sucks the most?

    • Windows ME
    • Windows XP Home Edition
    • Windows XP Professional Edition
    • Windows Longhorn M5
    • Windows 98
    • Windows 98 SE
    • Windows Blackcomb
    • Windows 95
    • DOS 6.22
    • Windows Server 2003

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And how do you quantify or qualify OS's that get more logjammed with junk as you install and uninstall programs or time goes by with who knows what going on inside? How about the amount of time you use trying to clear it out or go to the old fallback, like I do, of just re-installing the OS? It seems like everyday it gets slower and slower. I'm using XP Home at the moment and though it is relatively easy to use, it takes a real wiz to figure out a new way to modify it in any significant way. At work, I use an old 500MHZ w/ 98SE and it locks up because I use a light weight CAD program on it and it just gets overloaded and sometimes I will install a program that for whatever reason, it just can't handle it.

I've used 3.11, 95, 98SE and XP Home. XP Home has done the least locking up, with the exeption of what a keyboard did to it once. You would think that with Windows being the dominant OS and what seems like everybody and his brother writing programs for it and making hardware for it that it would be a lot more stable and adaptable than it is. But, I'm not a techie, never will be one and boy can I butcher the guts of an OS.

As the which Windows sucks the most, I vote for the blue one.

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I voted for Windows 95. I prefer Windows ME over 98. It is almost the same (s***), but ME ¿booted? faster and I wanted to use Windows Movie Maker for some home-made humorous videos :P. Although Windows 95 was "more stable" than 98/ME, those "command.com", "win.ini", etc.. issues and "folder navigation" were frustating.

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I Vote Me.

But let me say this, it all depends. Meaning that if the OS is loaded on unstable hardware it wont matter what the OS is. I can speak from experince. I am not speaking of bad hardware, just unstable. I have also seen that a system can be unstable from one reload of windows to the next with the same hardware and software /drivers. Been there, done that.

I reformat my system about every 1 to 2 months. (Dont ask, it's just my habbit.)

I also will ask/say that this poll needs clearing up on something. Are we talking about when the OS first came out or with all SPs/fix's? IF when first came out then remember that Win2k needed something like 100 fix's in first couple of month's after it's release to fix lots of holes.

It also occur's to me that pourly written /bad drivers can bring down a good OS.

With all I've said.....

ME still Suck's B)

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I've used DOS 6.22, Win95/95a/95b, Win98/98se, WinME, Win2k (Sp1-SP4), WinXP Pro (RTM - SP2) and I have to say that I absolutely love XP. The only reason I even used WinME was because at one of the MS roadshows I got a free copy of it. It lasted one week and my computer was crashing like crazy. Needless to say, it went bye-bye. So you can probably guess which OS I voted on. But then again, as the Three Dead Trolls in a baggie sing, Every OS Sucks

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I voted ME but

I didn't have the problems others had after I discovered to install my Upgrade CD as a full version.

My beginning day's at the Unattend but not really Unattended if you know what I mean. I also hated they tried to kill DOS with it but was grateful it was back in XP and theres even a future Dos by different name coming up that's more like Nix.

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I've personally had more problems with Windows 98 than ME,  well all of the 9x kernel based OS's suck in general.

Ya, when I fix computers I refuse to install anything lower than 2K. And if they dont want to isntall an NTOS, then I'm gone. But I would say the worst os next to the 9x series would be XP Home

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i've used em all

me is by far the worst,it's too picky with hardware and software,i had 98 se on for over a year and it was rock solid,the time i upgraded me i had problems here and there 24/7

i have an xp comp that has isa hardware(soundcard)and it works,under me it didn't

so from my experince 98 se is far better than me,2000 is very good but with sp4 it's too slow so use sp3 instead,xp is the best os i've used(longhorn betas suck)windows 95 was good in it's days,xp pro is far better,like if you want the windows installer v3 you can't install it under home but under pro you can,dos was good in it's days,windows 3.1 was the first os i used then upgraded to 95 then 98 then 98 se(98 se is still my favorite os even though i use xp pro+sp1 most of the time)

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