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Not quite Unattended

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Hi all,

I am trying to install on a few machines with single partitions and existing installations.

My Unattend file is ok, and install runs completely unattended if i use the winnt.sif and the cd

However, if i set the install to run over the network, i will get asked to delete an existing installation folder on my clients. So my question is, why does this install run when i have the CD, but not over the network?

Is there a parameter for the unattend that will delete any existing folders?

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My first question is exactly how are you running the install over the network.

For example, if you boot from a floppy, USB key or CD and then run Winnt32 to do the install, then you're going to need to specify what unattended file to use. Like this:

winnt32 /unattend:Z:\Unattended\unattend.txt

What it sounds like it happening is that the setup is using the factory unattend.txt located in the I386 folder which does not contain any paritioning info.

Like I said, it's only my best guess. With details on exactly how you're executing the setup over the network will help nail down the problem.



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Yes Mike, didn't really make that clear. i map a drive on the client to the an i386 directory across the network. This directory contains MY unattend.txt, and this works without intervention if used as a winnt.sif on a floppy, but not as an unattend across a network. I am asked to delete existing windows installation folders on the clients

My partitioning needs are nothing fancy, just that the install runs silently!

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