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Right lets get started :)

set your borders to 2cm , to give you more room

insert a table (under table properties uncheck resize to fit)

make the table borders = none

goto Table>Show gridlines on the menu

check the paragraph marker (backwards P)

select your rows of the table , right click and select table properties, under Rows make the hight 0.6cm and "exact size"

Then go to View>Toolbars and select forms

copy and paste the bits of your document that you created in to the new one using a Cell of the table for each bit of text. (if you have a lot of text then select the row, right click >Table properties>row and select at least in stead on exact s the row size)

Now where you want to have a input field for the user to type, select the cell and press the ab| button on the form menu

you can mess around with alignment of the cells etc if you want/need.

After you have designed your form, goto Tools>protect document> and select the Forms Radio button.

This is the basics but it should give you a starting point :)



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