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Hello GreenMachine


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Hello GreenMachine

I'm facing 2 problems.

(1) Media Player 10 update


Which is the folder should we use to install kb902344? I tried to install from some XPCREATE-folders but did not work.

(2) Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86)


I replaced the dotnetfx.exe V1 with V2, but it seems the XPCREATE.ISO does not work. I have not installed XP itself from the ISO, however, when I execute the ISO and click the bottun "Install.NET Framework", but nothing has happen.

Then, I made another ISO with dotnetfx.exe V1+SP1 and dotnetfx.exe V2, to update version from 1.1 to 2.0. Though I install XP from the revised ISO, only NET Framework 1.1 works in my PC, no NET Framework 2.0 works.

Could you let us know your idea?

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I have the same problem but I solved it by installing both with the runonceex batch method. For the .NET framework 2.0 version I use the extracted files with the msi installer.

But I would also like to know in which folder they go to be integrated with XPCREATE.



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Hello Bitfrotter,

Yes, unonceex is one of solution, I agree. :yes:

But I think dotnetfx.exe V2 can be integrated by XPCREATE. (I may need to modifiy the cmd file, I'm afraid. It is out of rule of XPCREATE, sorry) ;)

Only kb902344 should be installed by a patch, because there is no Media Player10 in the original WinXP CD. (MP10 is just installed by XPCREATE. So, there is no chance to install update files such as kb902344 in XPCREATE, I wonder. :(

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Tinywoods - GM doesnt take kindly to the cmd file being modified - so dont do it :P

I'm gonna be making a new build with xpc soon so i'll try and have a look at your two points you've asked about shortly.



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Hey, if you would like to negate both of the hotfixes (KB891122 and KB902344), you have to update the Windows Media Format 9.5 Runtime. To get the version that fixes both updates, you need to download KB900325. It was a huge rollout for Media Center and it contained a file called wmfdist95.exe. Wmfdist95.exe updates Media Player and no longer requires you to download KB891122 or KB902344 (even on the Windows Update website). Extract all the contents of KB900325 and remove the file wmfdist95.exe. To get it to install silently, you have to repackage it using iexpress and use the command:

"wmsetsdk.exe" /DisallowSystemRestore /WMFDIST /Quiet /R:N"

Download KB900325: Here

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