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What's the registry key to remove "send to" from context


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There're quite a few SendTo entries installed by default under HKCR/HKCU/HKLM; also other apps e.g. Office will add its own Sendto.DLL.

Search in the registry and you'll see.

There must be an easier and alternative method where you simply remove the "Send To" command from the context menu without deleting each applicatin's "send to".


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I looked up this exact thing a couple weeks ago. there doesn't seem to be anyway to remove the removable drives from the send to menu.

there is a way to "hide" them, by hiding the drives from My Computer in the registry. and you can hide a CDburner by removing the checkbox option to "enable CD recording on this drive".

don't know how much use hiding the drives will be, since it probably still reads the drive. and you would be missing out on the drives in "My Computer".

heres a site that has more info: http://oakroadsystems.com/tech/winxptip.htm#ContextSendto

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