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Favorite Type of Music


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Rap, regae, a bit of rock like: acdc, aero smith, and a bit of techno. I like axel f's song; crazy frog, and Benni Benassi's satisfaction, these are the only two techno songs i like. Mostly rap though. :)

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Here's a rough list of stuff I've listened to over the past 2 years (2004 & 2005) and I feel are good enough that other people should check them out. This is a VERY concise list, I listen to about 30-50hrs of music per week, no joke. Brackets imply specific albums.



De/Vision (new material, don't know if I like it or not yet)

Depeche Mode (mixed bag now-a-days)

A-Ha (their early 2000 stuff is great)




God Lives Underwater aka David Reily (whom recently passed away)

VNV Nation


Skinny Puppy (only their latest album which is actually Ohgr)


Current 93 (apocalyptic folk music)

retro video game music & covers

Various Electronic:

Boards of Canada

The Aluminum Group

Prefuse 73 (hip hop meets IDM)

Purple Motion (yes the same as the Future Crew musician)

Tron [Movie Soundtrack]

Alpha Conspiracy (the talent behind Iris)

Hip Hop & Rap:

Kayne West

Neptunes aka NERD

Missy Elliot [Cookbook]

Paul Barman (because of the high brow approach to rap, BTW the mp3s on his site suck)



Robert Downey Jr [The Futurist]

Zero 7

Gwen Stefani [Love Angel Music Baby]

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I listen to all sorts of music. To list what I don't like is easier. I don't like country and most opera. Country does not include western, western swing, bluegrass, folk and mountain. Generally, I like bluegrass (Allison Kraus and Union Station) and rock. Anything from George Formby to Marylin Manson and a few bits of rap.

I haven't bought any CDs in a long while.

A few of my preferred ( no order ):

Marty Robbins

Van Morrison

No Doubt

Stephane Grappelli

The Chico Hamilton Quintet

Nirvana (unplugged)

The Clash

The Smashing Pumpkins

Cesaria Evora

kd lang

Squirrel Nut Zippers



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Mostly Scottish/Irish/Swedish/Norwegian folk/traditional and patriotic music.

But also some rock, pop, punk, classical, game music...

Absolutely not: Hip-hop, rap, trance, dance, techno, jazz, r&b and other similar music types...

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Give a try to:


Amon Tobin

And One

Aphex Twin



Blue States

Das Ich

The Faint


The Future Sound of London

Gary Numan

Herrmann und Kleine

The Higher Intelligence Agency



Miss Kittin and the Hacker


Mouse on Mars




Spacetime Continuum




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