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ERR | Win Server 2003: textmode RAID driver copy errors


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I am attempting to install Server 2003 on to an IDE Raid

I have tried 2 different controllers..

1) Silicon Image SiI0680 (PCI)

2) Promise MBFastTrak133 Lite (on-board) (PDC20276)

Text setup recognizes the controller and allows me to create my partitions and start the install.

After the partition is formatted and the file copying begins I get an error message saying that "insert driver file" cannot be copied.

I have tried all of the following with no luck.

- Both controllers (PCI & on-board)

- Different floppy drives

- Re-downloaded drivers, used different floppy

- Windows XP & Server 2003

I am using a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP v1.1 Motherboard with the latest bios F15.

Any Ideas????

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Weird! It seems you have tryed pretty much everything.

Whats the error?

Saying to insert the driver file or that the driver file could not be copied?

Because the error: Insert the driver file could not be copied

Doesnt seem right to me.

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Setup cannot copy the file: pnp680r.sys

To retry, press ENTER.

blah blah blah

If I press escape, it will continue on to the next file...

Setup cannot copy the file: sil680r.inf

After pressing escape again, setup will continue copying the rest of the files, once it is done I get the blue screen of death (no specific error message).

I will give it a shot.


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