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Remove Item from Windows Service (MMC) List


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How do I remove an item from the Windows Services list? Supposing that a third party software installed a service onto this list. :huh:


Is there are a freeware app that can access this list and allow one to readily remove a listed service? I tried FireDaemon but its kung fu is not powerful enough. :unsure:

Any thoughts? :} Thanks.

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are you looking to remove the service or remove the ability to see the service

Both...I installed XAMPP, and clicked on the install "as a service" and when I went to play around with XAMPP, one of the components failed to install and information on how to get it working was sketchy at best, so I wanted to remove the entire thing, which was an easy deletion, but it left XAMPP Service listed.

So I went into the registry, and deleted any related keys to it--not surprisingly there were four, two for HKCU and two for HKLM. Afterwards, I went back into the service list and it was still there, except that all the column information (status, startup type, etc...) was missing, but the darn thing was still listed.

I think it cleared itself after a reboot, but the fact that it was still showing, just annoyed me. As a latter note, I would still like to know how to get rid of entries on here that other third party apps install, since sometimes their installers are not all that clean, if you know what I mean.

Thanks smokinggunman...will give it a try :)

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All services are listed in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services

my bad...memory was a bit fuzzy on recall... :( It was duped under the controlsets though.





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Yes, it removes them from the list. Obviously it doesn't remove the program the service references, but they do get removed from the list (and won't start, of course).

As for the Control Sets, those are the last x good boots that you've had, x being the number of ControlSet00x keys. These are used when you try booting from Last Known Good in the F8 boot menu.

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In the services key, find the service in question that you'd like to remove. Within the service's key, there should be a value (ImagePath) pointing to the application or file that the service loads - either uninstall that application from add/remove programs, or manually remove that application's program files and service key. You may also want to search the registry to make sure any other references to the application are removed, just to be safe.

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