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Did anyone miss the cursors?


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guys...... i jss noticed smthng...... have u seen the cursors....... so old..... i dont thnk they hav changed frm 98....... the white colour is so dull....... does not even look fresh white...... the cursor for cd..... n the cursor with the sand clock... showcasig some work being done..... cursors are sometinh in fron of the eyes always... dont u thnk they need some wokr...... :whistle: what say guys

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The cursors I use is a set called Micron, I got it from deviantart.

I think they look really good with the rest of XPize although they may be a bit small for some people. They are just nice simple black cursors with white edges but I prefer them to the default ones.

I attatched the preview that came with the cursors, its not a very good preview but you get the genral idea.


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to add ur cursors as default copy em to $OEM$\$$\Cursors

and b4 formatting save your theme config from display properties and then in WINNT.sif define your default theme (help on this is in the unattended guide)

and then when you reformat your computer will enable your favourite look the way u want it with cursors auto activated

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