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need urgent help for broadband service in windowsXP


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Hi all,

In windowsXP,

when i connected to internet via my ADSL broadband modem, the upload and download automatically started. I manualy stop "windows automatic updated". I also installed "McAfee AntiSpyware",and removed the listed item which is detected by the spyware, but the problem is still on.

Please help me to solve this problem,cause my broadband connection has upload and download limitation and i don't want to weast my limited account.


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Okay, here's the manual way. Go to Start->Run->services.msc This'll bring up a prog. screen with a bunch of diff. services on ur system. Click on the Name bar at the top, above the services. This'll sort em out. Now, double-click on the service named Automatic Updates. This'll open up another screen. First, click the stop button, once it's stopped, go to the selection box right above it and choose Disabled. Click Ok. Now, double click the service called Background Intelligent Updater, it's near the auto update service that you just modified. Do the same thing as with the Auto update service. That should do it. No more worrying about auto updates. Hope this helps dude.

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y firewall if not using one already that will block unauthorised outgoing (and incoming) connections effectively.

I highly recommend Sygate Personal Firewall. You'll ne notified where all the bandwidth is going, and then you can disallow it. Also, you should:

Not use IE (Firefox, Opera)

Get a router, the D-Link 604 is popular, is what I use.

Use Ad-Aware, Spybot, M$ AntiSpyware. Also, CWShredder. If you have a lot of the CoolWebSearch, you might as well reformat, they are spyware gods. Once you reformat, install Sygate and FF/Opera immediately. The router acts as a natural hardware firewall which is 1000x better than any software one. It's good to have a software one even though you have a router because anything you might be foolish enough to open from e-mail attachments or downloaded compressed archives from bad p2ps might try to send outgoing, which your software firewall will notify you about. The good thing about Sygate (dunno if other firewalls have the same feature) but it has the ability to block ALL inc/outg traffic if you stop the Service. So, if you were to play games for a few hours and didn't need to use the net for that duration, you could just block all and be conscious-free. Cheers.

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ZA, F-Secure (and I think Norton Firewall) can all block traffic temporarily completely and reversibly from the desktop icon. Before I discover that I just manually unplug the cable from my router.

I've used the above as well as Sygate. All are effective. Seagate has some problems in fact while others don't.

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