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before i install xpize, when i restart my computer it goes directly to the desktop(because i dont have a password on my account), but when i install xpize and restart my computer it goes to the logon screen and i have to click on my account to get in. how do i stop that?

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That is weird because the logon screen should not affect that.

I created it by the way.

anyway here is how 2 fix it.

if u got tweakui for xp sp1+ then go 2 users and select auto login, then type in ur username.

if u dont then go 2 control panel, user accounts. make sure u r the only user, no guest user or asp.net user

if u have a asp.net user then delete the account, it is useless 2 u and it wont harm anything

hope that helps, tweakui is cool, hise thee shortcut arrow, hide drives from my computer, hise control panel iscons u dont use and more!


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