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7-Zip SFX advice


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Okay now I am going to sound like a moron and a noob but I can't figure it out or find directions so all I can do is ask.

When using 7-Zip to make switchless installers I have figured out how to nix the display so nothing shows. But what I need now is to learn how to make a sfx package that JUST extracts files to a certain directory silently. I am currently using WinRAR for this but some of the packs I have made can be slimmed by several megs (like my themes package) using 7-Zip.

Please provide as in depth instructions as possible.

Also does 7-Zip recognize variables like %systemroot%

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I know, but if you read that guide you will realize that you can use a batch file and just insert a copy or move command to copy the files. You can also tell it to extract to a specific directory.

There is no need to actually execute or install anything.

When creating the file, subsitute your batch file in lieu of the installer and you will accomplish what you want.

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