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ranaming windows username folder


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You have to log in as somebody else, not the username you want to change.

Either use control panel, or RUN----->MMC to change the user account name, this will then change the folder name.

You cannot just change the folder name and leave your login name unchanged.

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I Have changed the username from the control panel>>>user accounts.

Only problem is the C:\Documents and Settings\(username) still shows the old username and all the cookies still come in as the old username.

Can you tell me how exactly to about this?


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Control Panel is limited in changing user accounts,

use this

START------>Run----->mmc---->File--->Add-Remove Snap-In-->Add-->Local Users and Groups

Then change your fullname and user name etc to what you want folder name to be.

If that fails aswell, just make a new account with your desired name and copy your excisting files into it.

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Go through C:\Documents and Settings\ and click on the username where your files are kept. Copy everything in this folder, Favourites, Cookies, Application Data, My documents etc

Then go to your new username in the documents and settings folder and ccopy the files into it. It will ask if you want to overwrite files as the folder names already exist. Hit yes.

Do not delete the old account untill you are sure all files are transferred.

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It must be an HP computer. Instead of default user it is HP user. I had the same problem. Solution, return your computer to where you bought it and get a non HP computer without the gazillian junk programs on it and on the restore disk that you never wanted in the first place.

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Wow...okay, so when you change your user name it doesn't change the user profile name...that's common. The only way I know of is to make a new user, with the name you want, and then copying your old profile to that account. Try this:

1. Log off

2. Logon as Administrator

3. Create a new user, the one you want to keep.

4. Log off.

5. Log on the new user.

6. Log off.

7. Log on as Administrator

8. Right-Click My Computer and click Properties.

9. Click the Advanced tab.

10. Locate the User Profiles area in the middle, and click the Settings button.

11. In the new window, you should see a listing of user profiles. Locate your old one, and click Copy To. Point it to the new users profile folder. Before you are done click the button located in the Permitted To Use area. Enter in the new users name.

12. After the copying is done, log off.

13. Log on the new user...you should be good to go.

You might be able to shorten this a few steps by not logging in as the new user once, but I think you need that. Also, be careful when making the new user. If you have already changed your old user name to the new one you wanted, then you'll need to undo that.

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