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Windows XP embedded


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frieands ...

can i install a windows xp embedded version in my p3 computer.. because win xp embedded is faster than windows 2000..

currently its installed in my thin client...

is it possible ?

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"Thin" is normally used to denote a computer that either runs from a network or some other non-standard way. Usually there is no local HD, it's all done elsewhere.

"Embedded" is similar to "Thin", but it usually is more specific...most new DSL routers run an "embedded" version of linux, specific to the processors and NIC's installed in the unit. WinXP Embedded is there way of getting into that market...think home computer automation, car pc, or some other use where a full PC isn't needed.

"WinCE" is the old name for the M$ handheld OS...it's mostly used for handhelds or smartphones, but it has other areas. The Sega Dreamcast actually ran a very special version of WinCE.

In regards to the topic, I can't say I've ever had to setup or support an embedded version of anything. I did come across WinXP SP1 Embedded, but never got around to trying it. I have a sweat VIA EPIA TC-10000 that might be perfect for it, but right now I just have it running Windows 2003 SP1 just fine.

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