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Top 20 Unattended Apps?


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I'm in the process of creating another unattended CD for myself, but I'm wondering what apps I should be putting on it, and did I miss anything?

So i thought a "Top 20" list of what you install on your unattended install would be good, and this could possibly be pinned ;)

So if you'd kindly post the top 20 apps that you couldn't make an unattended CD without... :D

Thanks :yes:

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2.Adobe Reader 7

3.Alcohol 120%




7.Cyberlink DVD



10.K-lite mega codecs

11.Lava soft Adaware

12.Microsoft Office





17.SpyBot Search and Destroy



20.Webroot SpySweeper

In no particular order...All and a few more are on my 700mb cd. Took some time to cram it all in there lol :D

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This would have to be my top 20.

1). Ad-Aware 6

2). Spybot Search and Destroy

3). Spyware Blaster

4). ZoneAlarm (Free)

5). Avast Anti-Viris

6). CCleaner

7). Picasa

8). Winamp

9). Divx Player

10). Quicktime

11). TuneXP

12). AC3Filter

13). WinRAR

14). WinZip

15). RealPlayer

16). AOL Messenger

17). Adobe 7

18). Microsoft Virtual PC

19). ADIA32

20). Firefox

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1) winamp

2) opera

3) vlc

4) winrar

5) yahoo

6) total uninstall

7) shareaza

8) magiciso

9) azureus

10) lupas rename

11) Foxit PDF Reader

12) Advanced System Optimizer

13) IceChat5

14) .Net Framework

15) Paint.NET

16) Irfanview

17) O&O Defrag

18) AutoPlay Media Studio

19) Free Download Manager

20) Paint Express

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1.) Winrar

2.) Photofiltre Studio

3.) Nod32

4.) Custom-built codecs package

5.) Foxit PDF Reader

6.) CursorXP Plus

7.) Office 2003 Suite

8.) Google Toolbar

9.) Articons Pro

10.) Nero Enterprise

11.) CrapCleaner

12.) Trillian Pro

13.) Daemon Tools

14.) TweakNow PowerPack Pro. 2006

15.) UltraISO

16.) .net Framework

17.) Sun Java

18.) SmartFTP

19.) Jasc Animation Shop 3

20.) Inno Setup 5

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Probably just a typo but. . .

you wrote

So if you'd kindly post the top 20 apps that you couldn't make an unattended CD with...

is that correct or did you want the apps that can be used in an unattended CD??

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  • 2 weeks later...

.Net Framework

Java 2 Runtime Environment

Ad-Aware SE + updated defs

Spybot S&D 1.4 +updated defs

Winamp 5.10 + cmd to uninstall eMusic :D

Firefox 1.07

Nero 6 Ultra

MS Office 2003 w/ Frontpage

Windows Media Player 10

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0

Limewire Pro


AOL Instant Messenger

Yahoo Instant Messenger

Google Toolbar


Daemon Tools

Alcohol 120%

nLite + .PDF version of Unattended Windows Guide


There's a lot more on my WinXPDVD, including BTS DP's, 3DMark03 & 05, PC Mark 04, tons tons more... but the above are what I couldn't do without ^_^ cheers

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1. Mozilla Firefox

2. Mozilla Thunderbird

3. Winamp

4. BSplayer

5. Miranda IM

6. Telemeter

7. GSpot

8. iPod drivers (iTunes *sigh*, but mostly ml_ipod plugin for Winamp)

9. Azureus

10. Limewire

11. MS Office (Word/Ppoint/Access/Excel)

12. Nero 6

13. IrfanView

14. PowerCinema/PowerDVD

15. DVD Decrypter

16. Virtualdub

17. mIRC

18. SubSync

19. WellGet

20. VLC

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I'm gonna do ten best home, ten best work:


1. PowerDVD

2. Nero

3. WinRAR

4. WinAmp

5. XP Codec Pack

6. ABC

7. PowerMenu

8. Opera

9. Acrobat

10. M$ Antispyware


1. UltraVNC

2. Symantec Antivirus

3. WinRAR

4. Office

5. Google Toolbar

6. Everest

7. FileZilla

8. AutoIT

9. psTools

10. HoverIP

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1500 posts :)

1.adobe reader 7









10.ms antispyware





15.vlc media player



18.daemon tools

19.alcohol 120%


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