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WFP confusion


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Here's a .reg file that may be of help, depending on how you're doing this. It works fine on all my UA installs.


You would also need to replace a dll file in your UA CD/DVD. Decompress and copy this file to your i386 directory:


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The simplest way to disable SFC, WFP:-


This file will completely disable SFC, WFP

without having any registry settings

No Extra settings and modification is required

just replace ur origina SFC_OS.DLL with JDOE one.

or u can simply place it directly in ur i386 directory


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yeah no need to add registry hives with my sfc_os.dll

Well Nepali, YOUR sfc_os.dll look good. Can YOU explain how YOU patched it ?

Maybe these links will refresh your memory...

Disabling Windows File Protection Permanently

Windows XP File Protection Hack

I know you was not meaning that you made it. I saw that you replied to few posts lately about disabling WFP and you put link to my patched file and it's ok.

I prefer that you post a link instead of including the file directly in your post. Duplicate files take spaces on MSFN server(s) and admins would agree with that.

Take care.

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