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oh my word!

im gonna be upgarading to a 200gb sata drive, at the mo i got 2 IDE drives, i want to be able to still use them with my new sata with windows on it...

first take a look at my system...

AMD Athlon 3200+ | 200FSB | 1GB RAM PC3200 5-2-2-2 | GeForce 6600GT 128MB | Creative Audigy | x2 DVD ROMS (one writer) | ASUS K78NX Deluxe Motherboard | one Maxtor 60GB | one Samsung 80GB

right...i looked at my PSU....max output...250 Watt.......any thoughts?

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you'd honestly be surpised how much/little power your computer uses. My system (components below) uses about 175watts. You want to use only about 50% of your power supply's rating so it can handle power spikes (drive spinning up, etc..), so a 400 would be fine.

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