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Which Home ver doesn't need activation ?


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Dell's machines are OEM, and come pre-activated due to SLP.

This is the fact. All other arguments to the contrary, are either mis-informed, or just plain nonsense.

Yep yep ...

Still would like to know where thegafferazzasatz and 'supporters' get their information from. Or even their cd's that should be home vlk's ...?


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And that is warezed to hell and back...all the corp and VLK's in that are not only illegal, but usually overwrite the original files with that from another type...so when you are seeing Home Corp, it's really Home OEM or Retail with certain files copied over that turn it into a Corp edition.

And that is what we were talking about...there are no official, legal versions of XP Home that don't require activation.

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Not all that brilliant either, the ones making & distributing VLK home versions are simply using cracks made by others.

Anyways, the topic is settled - all LEGIT versions of home need activation, unless your OEM uses SLP.

thegafferazzasatz, Please desist from warez talk.

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