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New to PE would like some guides to read


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ive just downloaded BartPE and UBCD4 Win. i have no idea what the difference between them apart from UBCD4 Win seems to have a whole load of extra plugins.

i want to use explorer as my shell. currently all i have done is used the Ubcd4 win with BartPE and deselected all the plugins and copied the files. enabling me to start from scratch and build it from the ground up without the use of the built in plugins. this way i will be learning alot more along the way.

i was hoping someone knows of some good guides of how i can get it up and running with an explorer shell. i dont have a VM at the moment so id be looking to boot it from HDD whilst testing .

many thanks.

also if anyone has any better ideas of if i should use BartPE or UBCD4 Win

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ive had a look around on barts site but its not very well layed out and is hard to find good useful information on how to get started.. just i saw SimonSays XPE cd that he made using BartPE and it inspired me to do one of my own. ill keep searching around for things

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hi i dont know of any good guides but just for some information

UBCD4 Win is a rescue disk built with bartpe

so you cant really build a UBCD4 Win disk with out using bartpe

just thought id clear that up

if i run across any good tuts ill post one up for you


heres some things to look at

UBCD4 Win is normally run off a geoshell

so if you want to use explorer,, youll have to go the hard route and thats bartpe with an xpe plug

hope that helps alittle

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