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Re-Configure Windows 2003 SBS


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Just installed a Windows 2003 SBS Server. I did the config and i made a mistake, i've choosen a wrong ip address for the server IP. All the services were configured using that IP.

If i simply change it on Network config i loose access do exchange, dns, mycombanyweb, etc...

How can i reconfigure all services to use a new IP ?

Or how can i re-run the config again (just running it again doesn't ask me the questions it asks the first time, ip, address, name, etc...)...


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You should be able to change your IP without a problem. The Server should be running DNS and looking to itself as a DNS server. If so, then you can make the IP change and then reboot.

If need be, go into the DNS tool and make sure that the servername points to the new IP address. If it still has the old one, change it manually.

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I've never had problems with changing an IP. If your other servers are pointing to this server for dns then obviously you will need to change their dns address to reflect this. also, if you have any ports forwarded to this server then they will have to be changed as well. Everything on the actual server itself should be automatic. I've changed the IP on the main Exchange server at work without any problems.

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