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[How-to] MicrowinX Project


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Sorry, i'm not on line in the weekend :)

anyway thanks to gdogg & spazmire11.

Yes, I just used nlited XP on my own laptop.

By the way, Am I still can get microwinX when it published? I have plan to use it for my pc at home which have not nlited yet. I hope Nuhi give me permission.

I like this forum.... :thumbup

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thx vci, its support from users that keeps projects like this going.

I hope microwinX beta 2 , has shown you what its capable of and that you got your programs working.

beta 2.5-3.0 , will be about program support, easy enough that maybe your parents could figure it out too.

thats the point of microwinX, stopin users from makin mistakes, and keeping the computer up, and going fast, easy all the time.

and all at the smallest size, I personally have seen.

if anyone with beta 2.0, knows whats required for what programs, before beta 2.5-3.0. This will add software support for the public release better, be sure to share.

just send me a private message, and ill give yah, msn, aol, or irq.

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i manged to get mapinfo 8 runing in microwinx, i am not sure about how it reacts to slimed down windows but it should work.

orcale 9i however:


gave back that before a slimdown so i canot gurante it being supported, that and the fact that i have absoulutly no clue what it is realy helps.

any other app compatibilty questions?

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spazmire, slight errors. like the above one, will be worked out, as a per user , per program basis, if that user really requires such apps.

that error above, should be very easy to fix, with just a couple of files.

anyway, thanks for testing spazmire.

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Thanks spazmire11 for your great work & your time..

From my experience, oracle 9i is need odbc. But I still don't know which file is needed for make it working properly.

And for MapInfo 8, with nlited XP pro sp2, i have never found any problem.


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Just wanna say that ur awesome gdogg!

And everyone else that helped along this project!

U have accomplished something i dreamed of for a long time!

I've always disliked the way windows have taken up resources from my CPU and RAM, which got me started using Core linux for a while :P

But now its seems i can start running Windows again :D

I really enjoyed reading this project thread, came across it today and read it all the way non-stop :D

Now, is there some way for me to become a beta tester for this nice project?

Respectfully /SLM

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@tomrf , I figure you and the 70,000 views of this thread are intisipating this project to become public.

@SLM well thanks. I found that windows like this, might just bring back many linux users, for soft/game support, that windows has, along with the hopefuly (maybe wishful, but who knows, til testing proves otherwise) security like linux (maybe better cant prove otherwise til public right?)

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