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'Windows will adjust your resolution'-prompt


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Thanks for your comments.

I do have the autoconfirm set at 1, see the attached winnt.sif...

Apart from the virtual machine not loading the correct driver, i really have no clue what could cause the problem... I tried with setting to both 1280*1024 and 1024*768 in winnt.sif.

If anyone has any further suggestions, or links to other unattended forums/tutorials, please post them... I'm all out of ideas.



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Would using vmware have any effect on this? I'm using vmware to test my unattended installation cd image for xp with SP2 and am getting this changing display settings even though I have the AutoConfirm=1 under [Display] in my winnt.sif.

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I'm using windows vitual pc, and I was getting bad resolutions before I installed updates. After windows was loaded the best resolution I could get was 1024x768 (can't remember refresh).

Anyway, What I found is that there is a problem with the amount of ram used for the display, max was 4 MB's before I updated. Now I can get 1280x1024 @ 75htz.

The weird thing about this is that I had to have an OS intalled in the VM to download the updates. (Correct me if I'm wrong on this).

To get the updates, after OS is installed, click the "Action" button @ the top of the screen. Then just click "Install or Update Vitual Machine Additions"

There are other display settings that can be changed in the VM. I can't remember all, but you can set the vm display to match the host system (which doesn't give proper results).

hope this helps a bit

Pay attention to what cheezus says.

Just found this in the VM help:

Emulated devices on virtual machinesVirtual PC emulates most of the hardware components for the virtual machine. The emulated hardware is detected by the virtual machine operating system and appears to both the operating system and any users of the virtual machine as physical hardware. The following table lists the basic hardware components and their corresponding emulated hardware. Component Virtual machine emulated hardware


Chipset Intel 440BX

Sound card Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 ISA Plug and Play

Network adapter (multi-function) DEC 21140A 10/100

Video card S3 Trio 32/64 PCI with 8 MB Video RAM

Video card configuration

Virtual PC emulates the S3 Trio 32/64 PCI video card. Virtual PC also supports VESA 2.0. Specify one of the two supported video cards when programs require manual configuration.

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