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@matt5108: Well, I can't exacly say that Yahoo! IS better than Google or vice versa, because both offer distinct and good quality services, it would be unfair to say Yahoo IS better because I use Yahoo for everything, and don't even touch Google unless I want to search on my own country, which is a shame that Yahoo hasn't expanded to Portugal.

The only problem that I find very very irritating using Yahoo is the help service, which doesn't exist, what does exist is a huge FAQ page that doesn't help much.

Now my Yahoo side is like wolf demon, he said what I wanted to say lol, and said something similar to what I said on another thread about Google.

It is in my opinion that Google only has its popularity for the same reason as Crazy Frog, advertisement. Besides the common American user will not use Google, because most likely doesn't know much about it, Google offers a good service to who has a good computer knowledge, Yahoo is more consumer orientated offering a good service for users without a vast computer knowledge, thats the major diference in all of them, there are people who don't even know how to copy and paste, for them Yahoo is simpler because it offers a "without having to know how" service, while Google doesn't.

Just look at the Blogger service and the 360° Yahoo!, anyone but really anyone can use the 360° and why is that? Because it doesn't have any costumizations at all for the service, its what you see, just add thngs to it, of course that brings out the dissadvantage of costumization, but it is easier for many to use that instead of Blogger who asks the person where does he/she want to host their blog, which for many users would be a mindless task trying to figure out what does that mean.

Just another difference I wanted to share with yall lol

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google = gay name = gay company = worst messenger ever = not customizable email = pointless google earth < yahoo

Google = Smart Name

Messenger = Incomplete and first release... WTF do you expect?

Email = first email ever for the company.. WTF do you EXPECT???

Google Earth = The best freeware software ever released!

Get a clue man :realmad:

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