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xplode from cmdlines.txt


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I want my xplode installation integrated in my windows install :


To do this i've read that it has to be started from cmdlines.txt.

But i've heard this wasn't possible for all programs because some need administrative rights or something?

i wan't to install these programs :









-adobe reader

-msn messenger

can this be done from cmdlines.txt?

can i run batch files at this stage?


If i run xplode with the [setup-params]-method, at which stage of the install will it be executed then?

which method is more suitable for the above programs and why?

thanks a lot!

(i've searched the forum and checked the docs. but couln't find the answer...i'm new to this stuff)

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1. Works for all programs you mentioned (Office is gonna be more tricky tho, check my signature), and yes, you can execute batchfiles at this point.

2. cmdlines.txt is more appropriate, you have full access to registry etc...

3. that's my screen! :P

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thanks for your answer!


I've got a completely silent office XP installer made with office -shrink.

can i use this directly or does this have have to be done using the method in your sig?


If i run from cmdlines.txt will these programs be installed for all users?

how does this work?


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1. First see if it works. If not, use my method.

2. It will be installed with Administrator rights under Default User. This means every user will get all the registry and application data settings, as if it was installed under that user.

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