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nForce4 & BTS DriversPack


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Using the very latest packs from BTS (late August 2005), I have that issue when AMD nForce4 v6.66 drivers are being installed @ T-39. This is NOT an error but simply an annoying dialog box saying something like: "The hard disk has been installed". I have to press OK to confirm for things to carry on, which is a pain in the bum as I'm supposed to run in a fully unattended mode.

For info, I have an Asus A8N-E Deluxe motherboard with this disk configuration :

2 * 80Gb ; RAID0 on nForce4 chipset

3 * 160Gb ; SoftRAID5 on Silicon Image 3114R

1 * 160Gb on IDE0 (master)

1 * DVD+/-RW on IDE0 (slave)

I've checked the WINNT.SIF file to make sure it won't prompt me for any unsigned hardware. Well, the latest BTS BASE took out both relevant lines I had regarding that matter! Adding them back on again didn't change anything.

Help :huh: !

BTW 1: BTS web site has been down for days nows (exceeded bandwidth). Do you know what's going on?

BTW 2: I just can't find the separate threads I was used to on this forum for each BTS's individual DriversPack. Where have they gone please?

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