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The XPCREATE Web Site is back online, and includes the latest version of XPCREATE (18 AUG 2005). XPCREATE is currently available for download directly from the site, with no need for Username or Password.

The Current Hotfixes page has also been updated for Windows XP, and although I have tested this version and these hotfixes myself, any testing and comments would be appreciated.

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Regarding Current Hotfixes in xpcreate.com, we may not have "SVC-WUA" folder in Feb version, I'm afraid. 


WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe works in SVC-MRT of Feb version.

SVC-WUA is for the 18 AUG 2005 version. I only worry about one version at a time! It should also work in the SVC-MRT directory, but I've not tested. There is a reason it has it's own directory (SVC-WUA) ...

WGAINSTALL.EXE may not work in SVC-CF2 but works in SVC-EXE

Works fine for me ... Can anyone confirm that this does NOT work in the 18 AUG 2005 version?

There is a new version of xpcreate so i read

I can't find it now

GO to the XPCREATE Web Site and follow the "Get XPCREATE" link on the bottom left of the page, and that should get you there.

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Seems like you may have left some command files or labels out of your install like:

the xpcprvar ???

Previously, these were labels, now they seem to go nowhere???

You will get some posts that it does not work, but they won't know why.

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Yes, it produces an XP cd that seems to install fine. I was still using the "old" version up through the August updates. Your program is still the only one from this board that produces a 100% solid CD (for perfectionists). I've tried the current versions of Nlite, HFslip, RyanVM, etc. They are nice for hobbyists but each produces unacceptable variations from what you get by manually installing the same things.

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