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Download Accelerator 7.4


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i know i know, there is a search engine and using the phrase

+download +accelerator

A search of


fins zero, zip, no results

I found topics that provided me with the install swithces and to kill the app after install, and it works.

HOWEVER, nobody noted down how they register it so they then use the Premium version during the silent install.

I've registered it and regsnap'd so i can acquire regkeys and with these imported before/after or both it still doesn't regsiter it, so i have to after all is complete.

So, Can anybody shed light on silent registration of this download manager.

Yes, i know people will say search, and then snip or laugh or both and you can but i'm not convinced you'll get info on registration of this application.

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DAP is 100 percent spyware free, and enjoys industry-wide recognition by leading antispyware vendors including: Ad-Aware SE, ComputerAssociates-eTrust PestPatrol, PCTools-SpywareDoctor, and McAfee.

taken straight from there website.

I just prefer the registered version as i then don't get the adverts.

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only update;

i have asked speedbit, writers of dap for assistance.

The response, "There is no way to have DAP automatically activate itself, you have to activate it manually."

So that answers that then.

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