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Longhorn Transformation Pack


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I am working on a custom install disc for XP and I was curious if anyone knew what steps would be needed to fully integrate the Longhorn Transformation pack into a XP installation disk? The whole thing, i.e. the icons, boot screen, Welcome Screen Login Window, visual style, etc.. and if possible to have XP use one of the included visual styles in the pack as its default instead of Luna? Thanks in advance for any help on this!

p.s. I'm not 100% this is the right section for post this, mods please move if an section elsewhere on the forum is better.

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first install the pack on ur system.. the if u browse through the windows folder u will find the pack files .. containing all the icons, dll, and cpl..

so wat u need to do is use modifype on each file (tool) to correct the cheksum (eg modifype shell32.dll -c)

after that use makecab on each file ( eg makecab shell32.dll) this will compress all the files

then just copy all the files and overwrite it in ur i386 folder

note: make sure u disable windows file protection ( can be done using nlite)

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