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hello all

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hi all

i got a little question and hope u have the answer

i want a script to run each time a user login , the script will do some configuration by copying some files to the %APPDATA% folder

i mean when new user "a" is created , at his login , the script will run

and for each user created ,

and that is all

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Then the script starts for every new user created every time he logs in.
For copying files, I doubt you want to do it every log in. Just have the last line of the script delete itself.

Also, there is a shared Application Data folder in the All Users profile, which might be easier than coping files to individual users App Data.

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i thank u in depth for ur answers Achdine and Doc Symbiosis , and i really don't need the files copied each time the user logs in ... only once , i shall make a script delete it self after it's run ......

about the shared application data folder , will it work with apps storing their data in the " user application data folder " , ?? and i deeply thank u for ur answers

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