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Best CD Emulator?


what's the Best CD Emulator Software?  

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  1. 1. what's the Best CD Emulator Software?

    • Alcohol 120%
    • CD Space
    • Circle Virtual CD
    • Fantom CD
    • Game Drive
    • MagicDisc Virtual CD
    • Original CD Emulator
    • Paragon CD-ROM Emulator
    • VirtualCD
    • VirtualDrive
    • Daemon Tools
    • Other

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hey guyz, :hello:

once upon a time ,it was a big nightmare for me to choose between the 2 legendary VirtualDrive & VirtualCD, but now the market is full of powerful competitors

and we heard of dozens of them, and someone can't try all of them to make his mind about which is the best! and that's what this Poll for :P

My ideal Emulator is: :yes:

1- Can deal with virtually every Image Type!

2- Compression

3- Smooth,Reliable,No Hangs,Compatible

4- Can put info and comments on each CD like for instance e.g Serial Number

5- Doesn't take Half of C: drive space!

waiting for ya guyz

plz share with us your fantasy about the Best CD Emulator! :thumbup

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Man! I'm always forgetting something in every Poll! :P I forgot DAEMON TOOLS!

with all my apologie

and I have a little Q: for those using Alcohol

can Alcohol compress CDs into smaller size CD *.mdf? like VirtualDrive or VirtualCD

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but as far as I know , that DT doesn't make Images! only Mount them

No you will have to use another program like:

* Alcohol 120%

* CloneCD

* DiscDump

* Blindread and Blindwrite

* DiscJuggler

* GameJack 2

But it will read others like:

* cue/bin

* iso

* ccd (CloneCD)

* bwt (Blindwrite)

* mds (Media Descriptor File)

* cdi (Discjuggler)

* nrg (Nero)

* pdi (Instant CD/DVD)

* b5t (BlindWrite 5)

I appreciate its command line features and find them invaluable but the software is free.

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thanx for the informations, and yeah as I said it doesn't make images yet!

anyway, my prob is that I got over 50 CDs in a *.000 extension of VirtualCD so I'm stuck with it! and they are compressed to maybe 2/3 of thier original sizes , and I can mount and work with them smoothly

while the Ordinray ISOs are huge for sure

what about the file type of Alcohol? can alcohol compress CD data into a smaller image size like H+H Software Virtual CD?

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