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DirectX 9c CPL, August Edition

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Uhm .. okay .. the august ___2006___ version?

Wait a sec. I just found out. It's in the Utilities\bin\x86\ folder when you unpack the SDK, and it's called dxcpl.exe. This means we can't add it via System32 anymore I guess. Tried to unarchive it, but it's a stand-alone executable it seems. Pity! :(

Edit: Found this from Microsoft:

"DirectX Control Panel Removed from the Microsoft Control Panel

Beginning with the August 2006 SDK, the DirectX® Control Panel has been removed from the Microsoft® Control Panel. You can now find the DirectX Control Panel in the Start menu under All Programs, Microsoft DirectX SDK, DirectX Utilities.

In addition, the control panel executable has been renamed from directx.cpl to dxcpl.exe; it can be found in both the %DXSDK_DIR%\utilities\bin\x64 and %DXSDK_DIR%\utilities\bin\x86 folders."

Edit2: Heh .. may attach them anyway. Here are both the x64 and x32 version. Had to RAR them! :angel



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