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where isthe transparency?


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in the screenshots of vista beta 1, the windows were transparent.

I read tht you might have to install that stuff yourself and its on the cd in support/winfx and i did all that and i still dont see how anything can become transparent or anything.

Also it seems that all the icons are stuck on "large mode" i've tried unchecking that and it still has them as huge icons.

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well here is this


i got shadows and translucent start menu now. haha I got that with simple program i had for XP called YZshadow. if your like me and Do not have agood graphics card to have the 3d effects, You might get that a try.

Kinda sucks not to have shadows under windows. Even xp had shadows i beleive.

it hardly uses any recources


Does anyone know of a program to get the window borders and things translucent? hehe its funny how im on vista and i have to use programs that simulate vista's look :P

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If you do not have a video card that can do DX9 effects in hardware you will not see glass effects.

If your DX9 video card does not have an out of the box LDDM driver you will not see glass effects.

NV6xxx and 7xxx cards do not come with an out of the box LDDM driver even though they can render DX9 effects.

You can download the Nvidia LDDM driver directly from Nvidia.

If you do not have a DX9 card and/or LDDM drivers you will not see glass, even with TweakVista. The option to enable glass on unsupported cards was for build 5048 in which they tried to constrain to a 9800 Pro or Nv 5600 or something.

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