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2 problems I am stuck on


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Yup! I was still using the original. Had not have time to relearn the new one untill the summer started. I got everything working but 2 things.....

for some resone it will not display right (does in 2000 but not xp)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
  <!-- strings for the original display plugin -->
  <display.title>Updating Windows XP Phase 1</display.title>
  <!-- strings for the adduser plugin, #1# is replaced by the username/groupname-->
  <acctmgmt.adduser>Adding user: #1#</acctmgmt.adduser>
  <acctmgmt.deluser>Deleting user: #1#</acctmgmt.deluser>
  <acctmgmt.addgroup>Adding group: #1#</acctmgmt.addgroup>
  <acctmgmt.delgroup>Deleting group: #1#</acctmgmt.delgroup>

  <!-- strings for the adduser plugin, #1# is replaced by the program -->
  <execute.string>Executing: #1#</execute.string>

  <!-- strings for the misc plugin -->
  <misc.sfcos-disable>Disabling Windows File Protection</misc.sfcos-disable>
  <misc.sfcos-enable>Enabling Windows File Protection</misc.sfcos-enable>

  <!-- strings for the registry plugin -->
  <registry.read>Reading from registry</registry.read>
  <registry.write>Writing to registry</registry.write>
  Block containing all settings for the current display plugin.
  This will be dependent on which plugin used, so check
  documentation for that specific plug.
 <display plugin='#XPLODE#\XPlodeOriginalInstall.x4d'>
  <hidewindow>Windows Update</hidewindow>
  <show total='6' after='4' subcount='true' />
  <!-- make antialiasing false if you're running GUIinstall mode -->
  <font face='Tahoma' antialias='true' small='8' large='13' />
  <!-- note the position attribute - it is listed in 'x,y' positions. -->
  <!-- 0..8 still may be used. -->
  <!-- window width='340' height='200' position='8' -->
  <window width='440' position='8' fixmain='0' />
  <!-- can be standalone, or guiredraw -->
  <!-- for the latter two, you don't need to specify background colours, or images. -->
  <windowmode mode='standalone' border='false' />
   <header back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\head.png' />
   <footer back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\foot.png' />
   <progress border='#000000' back='#FFFFFF' fore='#008800' fore2='#00AA00' />
   <main back='#6699FF' fore='#FFFFFF' current='#FFFF00' description='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\main.png' overlay='#FFFFFF22' />
 <item name='SERVICE PACK 2'>
  <execute display='Installing Service Pack 2 ...'>
   <arguments>/Q /U /Z</arguments>
 <item display='Rebooting'>
  <execute display='Now REBOOTING ...'>
   <arguments>-r -f -t 10</arguments>


edit ... removed

any ideas? :}

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on my systems it's running with a single set of " .

The corresponding tag looks like this:

 <execute display='Installing ENU_Q832483_MDAC_X86 ...'>
  <arguments>/C:"dahotfix.exe /q /n" /q:a</arguments>

Btw, I have taken your directory settings in the above mentioned example :} .

Hope that helps


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Thanks the solved my update problem.

I'll attach a log file latter have not got one handy right now, but I'll elaberate a bit more on the problem....

everthing acually works and sp2 does install, but it displays the two lines on top of one another. I hope that makes sence.


Ok here is my log file...


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