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Is there an Anti-Virus that works with XP Pro 64?

Trend Micro says that they will only have a Office Scan by end of 2005 that can work on 64 bit>

Norton also does not work, and AVG is very silent on this fact.

Generally I find 64 to be about 80% faster than 32 on exactly the same PC!

Any sugestions?


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Thank you, Avast! Antivirus works excellent!

I've also run into problems with Ricoh 1224C printer drivers, RelayFax, RedMon, FreePDF.

It's strange that companies only now wake up and try and make their software compatible, if Win 64 was so long in Beta?

Thank you for the assistance!

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Most antivirus companies will wait to see how user-acceptance of the new product goes. Since not many people are using XP-64, then it's unlikely that there'll be any more AV products out.

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on my dual boot i am using symantec antivirus 10 for both. i gotta say that i hated norton to death and wanted nothing to do with symantec. i was using trend micro pccillin before and loved it. didnt like officescan though. tried avast and i hated it. also tried mcafee 8.0i and still didint like it. said to hell with it ill try symantec corporate 10 and its excellent. catches everything. it is just a plain antivirus scanner that is lowprofile yet very well built. i am using it with microsoft antispyware and its definitly the way to go.

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