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Xplode select install - one level tree


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I'm interested in creating a 'one level tree' in my select install. For example, one of the buttons on the left could be 'registry entries', when clicked, you would be presented with a tree on the right side containing various parent groups.. eg explorer mods, ie mods, system mods etc. OR when the 'registry entries' button is clicked it would load a custom xml for registry entries.

One way I thought that I could achieve this is to have a main xml (selectinstall.xml), then child xmls for each button. The problem is I am not too sure on how to call child xmls from within the parent and how to enable a 'return' feature.

I'm sure this would have been covered before but I've searched extensively and have found only this post http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t42941.html but I'm not exactly sure its what I'm looking for.

If the method in this post is what I need, where exactly in the xml do I call the child xml?

Thanks for helping.

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You can't "call" a child XML. You'd need to use an <include> tag, which loads whatever's in the XML at the start of XPlode's execution, or you chain multiple XPlode instances, so XPlode runs another copy of itself, but with another XML.

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Ahhh, thanks Wraith. I'll give it a try.

When I'm finished my new UAXP CD I will be post my xmls for the aid of others.

Edit: I maybe mistaken but I don't think the <include> tag is incorporated with xplode 4.1, nevermind... I've just bought myself an unrestricted license. I look forward to future xplode versions.

Thanks for providing a fine program Wraith =D

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