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Network Card Acting Incredibly Shifty


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Asus K8N-E mainboard with nForce3 chipset onBoard ethernet controller

Seagate SATA 120gb

Athlon 64 3200+

Intel PRO/100+ Ethernet Adapter

Windows XP SP2

(video card and tv tuner)


I had left my computer on overnight to seed a torrent and when I woke, the computer had froze trying to go into standby. I guess this was caused by the fact that Azureus was running in the background. Anyway, I manuall restarted the computer and when it started, I found out the onboard network card(nVidia card) was not working. So I plugged the ethernet cable into my spare ethernet card(Intel card) already installed. The spare was working fine. I then figured out that my onboard card was giving a 169.x.x.x IP Address so I googled it and found some solutions. I played around with them and eventually trying the Winsock Fix which didnt work and just froze. I then tried to unistall the device and then reinstall it but apparently windows doesnt like it when I attempt to do that. It would just freeze and I would have to manually end the operation through the task manager. Finally through a combination of shutdown, System Restores, and attempting to reinstall the drivers the nVidia card worked again.


The same problem came up a couple days ago and I have tried replicating my steps with no success.

Here is a list of the things I have done:

-Attempted to unistall and reinstall the nVidia card(no luck) + changing drivers to new/old

-Winsock Fix

-Static IP on the nVidia Card

-Shutdown and restart

Here is things I know wont work:

-restarting the dhcp server

-the cable is fine it works with the Intel card

Here are things I want to avoid or can't do:

-System Restore( it appears that system restore removes data that has been added since the restore date and recently placed a good amount of music onto my computer and I would rather not lose it)

-Safe Mode (I can't boot into safe mode, I try and it won't let me, it just restarts itself, I have no clue why it doesnt want to)

-Manually fixing the winsock-risky and i doubt it will work

Oh one more thing,

I have a dual boot with Fedora Core 4, the network card seems to not be working in Linux either.

Thanks in advance.

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i had the same problem few months ago. my onboard nvidia ethernet controller was randomlly closing.

was anyhow time for an upgrade and i changed the psu with a 480w one. since then i did not have any problems.

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So the solution to my problem is that I need a new power supply? I have a 350W power supply right now and the mainboard info said that was the minimum for the motherboard....is that maybe why the nVidia controller is closing?

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