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Linux Vs Windows

Which one will you prefer if both gonna be absolutely free  

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  1. 1. Which one will you prefer if both gonna be absolutely free

    • Linux
    • Windows

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Till date microsoft is PAY and Linux is open source

In future in any day if both gonna be absolutely free then which OS will you prefer

If they were both free I'd use both.

The question should be if you had to pay $200 for either one.

which one would you buy?

And this has what to do with unattended?

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There are hundreds of different Linux distributions, and although they have the same base each one builds on it a different way. You cannot lump them all together as "Linux" and compare them against just one operating system, especially without specifying a purpose for the machine.

I vote "Remove the silly poll."

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I vote "Remove the silly poll." too on the account of I'm tried of stupid Linux users cutting down Windows......... Linux is a want-ta-be OS...... and if it was so great it would have the market share of users,,,, Every time I play with Linux it crashes... cause it will not do what windows does so nice and easy.....

Please don't compare the home user Linux distros with the server Linux not the same animal ........

The average smuck has no idea how to turn the power switch let allot have to set up stuff in linux.... Linux is not for the average smuck home user.. for me Linux doesn't support Mobile docks the kernel crashes when you move drives around......... Linux for me has poor support for driver on my system.......

My last point is learn how to lock windows down to keep out the bad boy stuff...

and don't use the excuse of why should I add software to keep the stuff out it is just the way it is...........

some Linux users do the big B about how windows uses pagefile.sys Linux does the same thing but splits the drive up into paritions....

LOL yes You can load Linuz and go on the internet from the start,,, You can do the same thing with Mac's Windows XP Pro Distro..... Plus Mac's Windows XP Pro Distro includes security lock down........

if both where free or both where pay for I would pick windows

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