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the best way to deploy/instal win2kpro ?


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Hi all,

first, excuse my english, i generally speak french ....

So I have, for my job in a University, to find de best way to deploy and to install windows 2000 professional on many stations of an network (with windows 2000 server on the server). So I search to find how to deploy and install win2kpro on my stations, WITHOUT ANY ACTION ON THE STATIONS, but just by remote with the servers.

First, I try RIS, but it's not for me the best choise, because I have to boot PXE, and the stations requires to press F12 to really boot PXE, so I have already one action ...... and after, RIS requires to type login/pass/domain in the station ... that's not good for my project.

Second, I tryed Ghost but I don't find really good tutorials (in french) to use ghost for a deployment without action on the stations.

So I don't really know if there are others ways to perform what I want to do... could you give me an help ???????

many thanks

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Personnaly the best deployment software you can find is Altiris.

It is expensive but personnaly the easiest to deploy hundreds of PC's\servers.

you can give it a try for 30 days, it takes a while to setup, but once done there's not alot it won't do.

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