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Microsoft Update

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Hi all

[ NOTE: Following on from *this* topic, I thought we'd better start a new thread to discuss it ]

As some people are unaware of this it seems, I thought I'd start this thread.

Had anyone found a way of installing this so that it is already included in install XP? i.e. when visiting http://update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate you dont get [start], and after it downloads, the requester asking to install it.

If possible, I'm after two ways to do it:

1. Intergration into the i386 install or similar method

2. Wrapping it up to make it a silent install i.e. to carry around in a toolkit, on a CD, etc. for clients who only have a dialup modem and to help reduce the ammount they have to download, etc - in other words, a switchless exe

I assume that it requires WU6 & Windows Installer 3.1 to be installed too, tho I cant be sure on this (need to look it up methinks) - any thoughts here would be welcome too :)

I can/will update this first post so people dont have to rumage thru the thread to find what they want :)



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Maybe so (although I havent seen what you are refering to personally and I have all sorts of different Office installs & versions installed) but that is only a problem with the detection definitions that I presume it downloads when it/you visit MU.

The framework of MU is out of beta - i know as i was beta testing it lol - and MS will switch WU to using MU soon, so its worth looking at now as it IS finished and it works fine :)

Please keep on topic though as "how well MU works or not" isn't the issue here thanks :)

Cheers :)


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I've got MU partially integrated. The only difference between it and WUv6 is that it also includes a file muweb.dll, which must also (along with wups2.dll) be registered. However, Tools...Windows Update still defaults to WUv6. Also, the first visit to MU still requires the user to go through the "Start using Microsoft Update" stuff (though nothing has to actually be downloaded from the site). After going through that, Tools...Windows Update points to MU like it's supposed to.

I think MU is going to eventually replace WUv6 once the kinks are worked out anyway, so this may be a moot point. Given the current bugginess of MU, I'm actually OK with it defaulting to WUv6.

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Indeed Ryan..

Nice to know it aint possible (yet) to skip the [start] part of MU.

I've found MU really handy but I agree, its replacing of WU needs a bit more tweaking by MS I think :zd :thumbsup



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Well, you can create the start menu shortcut on your own. Just make this the target:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\muweb.dll,LaunchMUSite

if you're creating that shorcut, you can also browse to muweb.dll

for the proper icon to go with it.


Download the MU activex control here:


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To install it (manually), you must do the following:

:Installing Microsoft Update...

copy /Y Microsoft-Update\muweb.inf "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files"

copy /Y Microsoft-Update\muweb.dll "%windir%\system32"

regsvr32 /s muweb.dll

And the ActiveX control will be installed.

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Anyone know about this site? http://windowsupdate.62nds.com/

Basically Windows Update in Firefox, at least. It guess it installs a couple .dll files into the plugins folder. Anyone know if its safe? Haven't done much research but I have used it. It just scans your registry, sends you the .exe updates and silently installs them.

Very cool imo just not sure of the security risks in those files you must install. What do you think?

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